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That Girl in Yellow Boots focuses on Ruth’s quest to find birth parents, namely her father. Ruth begin researching her family history after the passing of her mother and the suicide of her 15-year old sister, Britain-based Ruth Edscer (Kalki Koechlin) goes on a birth parent search to Mumbai, India in order to locate her father, Arjun Patel. She manages to find employment with a massage parlor where she not only earns a wage, but charges Rs.1000/- for a illicit behaviour for her affluent male clients. Ruth delves into these illicit behaviours in order to bide time in India and to find out the perfect way on how to find family members and answers. She has been made aware that she cannot be hired unless and until she is granted a official work permit, so regularly attends the Foreigners Registration Office to extend her stay, while making herself familiar with the culture and ‘donations.’ Challenges follows after a confrontation with Indian gangsters, Chittiappa Gowda, who not only assaults her but also takes away her savings, as her boyfriend, Prashant, owes him money. While tracing her family tree and getting even with Prashant, she finds out that her father had changed his name, is now known as Benjamin, and maybe residing in a building called Versova. She does locate the building – but Ruth’s journey to tracing her family history will give her a shock when she finds out who her father really is.


Character Summary: Ruth

(That Girl In Yellow Boots)

Ruth (Kalki Koechlin) does her own family record search to find her biological parents and that leads her to Mumbai, India where her father resides. Ruth refuses to return to England unless she is successful in finding birth parents, an Indian who abandoned the family when she was a kid. She works in a massage parlour for her upkeep and tries her best to fend off the local goons who want to take advantage of her situation. With a cocaine addict as a boyfriend, life doesn’t seem too much of comfort, except for the presence of the avuncular Naseeruddin Shah, one of her regular customers. Ruth’s main quest is to trace her family tree and find her father, but more importantly, to find answers for questions that have been looming in her head for years.

Ruth lives in a shabby little apartment and supports herself by working in a massage parlor, where she charges 1,000 rupee note for a sexual favor. Ruth’s free time is spent looking through family search records to locate her father, who abandoned his family when she was young. Her cocaine addict boyfriend Prashant (Prashant Prakash) considers himself her boyfriend, although she refuses him intercourse and she gives him an alternative sexual favors.

We sense an inner rage in Ruth as she tries to figure how to find her birth parents. She isn’t seeking to find a relative for sentimental reasons, she is looking for answers pertaining to the suicide of her older sister.

As the story finds its way to a conclusion, we realize it was all about characters family tree history, not the plot. At the end of Ruth’s quest in finding her relatives it doesn’t surprise us — except that it sidesteps a cliche. The film’s value is in its portrait of Ruth’s research of her family tree, and her independence as a solo outsider in a vast, uncaring city while she tries to seek out the best ways on how to find relatives. Kalki Koechlin, who co-wrote the script with her husband the director, Anurag Kashyap,.


Character Summary: Prashant

(That Girl In Yellow Boots)

Prashant (Prashant Prakash) is a hopeless cocaine addict who engages Ruth (Kalki Koechlin) in her quest to find her father. Prashant’s drug of preference is cocaine which leads him into trouble in a variety of ways. Physically, Prashant’s drug addiction is causing him to lose weight and lose simple mobile functions. Financially, Prashant’s addiction leads him into owing money to many people in his local neighborhood. One of the people that Prashant owes is a local gangster called Chittiappa Gowda (Gulshan Devaiah). In order to reconcile Prashant’s debt Chittiappa steals Ruth’s possessions.



That Girl In Yellow Boots

Movie Reviews

That Girl In Yellow Boots movie is one the best Hindi movies of 2011. The film’s value is in its portrait of Ruth, and her independence as a solo outsider in a vast, uncaring city.’ – Roger Ebert

‘Watching Kashyap’s, The Girl In Yellow Boots movie online, gives a new perspective on how movies are supposed to be developed.  Anurag Kashyap films are straight-forward not to mention the cinematography, and editing art design are appropriate. Performance-Wise:  The Kalki actress delivers a superb performance as Ruth.  You must watch That Girl In Yellow Boots online because this is one of the best Hindi films of 2011.’ – IMDb 

‘Viewers that watch The Girl In Yellow Boots online are in for a treat. Anurag Kashyap’s ‘That Girl in Yellow Boots’ is one of the critically acclaimed Hindi movies that boasts of strong performances in characters playing out a gritty script. Definitely one of the standout Hindi movies of 2011.’ – Rotten Tomatoes

‘If viewers watch That Girl in Yellow Boots they will say that it is one of the best movies of 2011.’ – That Girl in Yellow Boots Wiki


That Girl In Yellow Boots

Audience Reviews

‘Kalki Koechlin – Anurag Kashyap provides a fascinating look at morals, from a relativistic viewpoint. A Girl In Yellow Boots focuses on Ruth, about 21, is in search of her father. She lives in Bombay, speaks the language and knows the customs. Her mother is English and her father a Hindu. He mysteriously left after the suicide of her younger sister, Emily. The film is well acted and the dialog crisp. The story unveils at a slow and interesting pace. You may not like what she finds at the end of her journey, and she’ll be worse for it because of it, but it does provide closure.’

‘After watching That Girl In Yellow Boots online I have noticed that this movie is not your typical emblematic desi flick. It speaks a new language and has the unflinching approach of individualist director Anurag Kashyap. Watch out for Kashyap’s latest Hindi movies in 2011 because they are sure to be a thriller.’

‘Always the unexpected, Anurag? After watching the That Girl in Yellow Boots trailer I was not disappointed. Never did I expect that girl in yellow boot would go looking for a father that she has since lost.  Anurag never presents a predictable film and you’ll rarely be disappointed. The girl in the yellow boots is hands down one of best Bollywood movies in 2011.’

‘After doing research on Hindi movie releases in 2011, I discovered a fantastic movie. I came back after, with a sense of having experienced a small gem and was completely overwhelmed by the combination of street smartness and innocence that Kalki could imbue Ruth with. Very good film making. For fans of Hindie movie you must purchase That Girl in Yellow Boots and watch online’

‘Two words that describe this movie, ‘It’s complicated.’  Although the film contains a large amount of twists and turns, it is a story about a girls love for her father. Ruth, the main character, is contacted by her father who she hasn’t seen in years. She gets word that he is somewhere in India. With this significant information Ruth’s leaves her home country of England and flies to India. Caught up in illegal schemes she tries to maneuver her way through the Indian streets to in order to locate her father. When Ruth finally meets her father, she discovers things she wishes she never knew. Overall, this is not your conventional movie, it will definitely surprise the viewer in a good way.’ 


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